Let’s make Fitness and Food your Medicine

There is no perfect nutrition or workout plan.
Even if you found the best training program in existence, whether it will work for your body and help you reach your goals is not predictable. In fact, most of the basic workout programs could potentially lead to injuries, as they do not take your specific needs into consideration.
Are you suffering from bad knees? Do you fight scoliosis? Have you experienced sciatic pain many times?
These issues cannot be solved or even get worse with a basic strength training program.
I am telling you this because during the 6 years of my strength training journey, I have injured myself over an over again. Learning how the human body works in medical school, as well as my own research in sports medicine, helped me understand that every person needs a workout program that is designed specifically for their needs. The same principle applies to nutrition as well. There are many different kinds of diets out there and while some may work for you, most of them won’t. You might even end up damaging your metabolism and every time when you try to eat “normal” amounts of food, you will gain back all the weight you just lost.

Fitness & Healthy eating does not have to be so complicated.
In addition to that, people underestimate their power on healing the body.

I am not claiming that any workout or nutrition program can cure diseases on their own. But Fitness and Nutrition and the right medicine can become a powerful weapon helping you to reach optimal health much faster than you could imagine. Don’t you agree?

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